We are contracted with the government and commercial insurance payers.  We also participate with many regional provider networks.  Our fees are reasonable and we accept the insurance payment, as well as any required copay or deductible as reimbursement for our services. When you use our laboratory service, your patient’s laboratory charges will generally be covered by their health insurance.  In the event we are denied payment for our services for an insured patient by the insurance provider, we will accept the out of network payment and resolve the issue with the insurance payer.  We are required by law to bill the patient for any copay or deductible amounts that have not been met, or any other payment the patient is required to pay, based on their insurance policy.

For self-pay patients, we offer substantial discount off of our usual billed charges.  Patients may also prepay for their laboratory tests and receive an even bigger discount.  If your patients have a question about a bill from us, or concern about impending laboratory charges, they may contact our billing office.  Our billing office will treat your patients politely and with respect.

For client billing, we can extend to you our special client pricing (you pay us for our services).  Our client prices are competitive and unlike some other lab services we give you client prices for all lab tests, not just a small selection of tests. Unlike other labs, we can fix your prices for the term of the contract.  Cedar Diagnostics also controls the use of investigational non-FDA approved and expensive laboratory tests through the Labsmart program (see “labsmart” for more detail).  Our bills are accurate and you may speak with a billing expert if you have questions about your bill.  If you use the Labsmart program, your bills will be generally be lower than if you used another lab!

The myth of, “Exclusive” lab contracts: The large commercial labs, may tell you they have an “exclusive contract” with a certain insurance payer and that all lab work from patients having this insurance must be sent to them.  These labs do have contracts with the insurance payers but such contracts are seldom exclusive.  Cedar Diagnostics has contracts with all major insurance payers and participates with regional provider networks in the communities in which we do business.  It is therefore not illegal or improper to send lab work on all your patients to us and, in general, the insurance will cover our charges.  This is not the case of the large commercial labs, which typically do not have contracts with all local payers.