We understand the challenges associated with running a useful and profitable in-house laboratory at a small hospital.  Cedar Diagnostics offers our expertise to reduce costs, refine in-house services, meet regulatory requirements and increase test revenue at our hospital client’s labs.

We support the in-house laboratory operations of our client hospitals.  We understand that an in-house laboratory is critical for the immediate needs of the patient. As every hospital is unique with regards to its level of interest in managing a lab and the scope of laboratory and pathology services it wishes to provide in house, Cedar Diagnostics offers customized solutions to include:

  • Frozen sections.
  • Medical directorship of the hospital lab.
  • Written procedures and a comprehensive quality assurance plan.
  • Computer connectivity.
  • Cost/benefit analysis of in-house vs. send-out tests to assure profitability of the hospital lab and that patient, physician, and community needs are met.
  • Assistance in compliance with government and accreditation standards.
  • Assistance in evaluation and selection of instrumentation for your in-house lab and access to economy of scale purchasing for instruments and reagents.