Cedar Diagnostics offers a unique value proposition as the laboratory partner to Government facilities demanding diagnostic accuracy, operational efficiency, legal compliance, customer service, and customization of service.  As a physician owned company, Cedar Diagnostics provides a unique combination of quality and integrity inherent to the practice of medicine and a commitment to service unrivaled in the industry.

Cedar Diagnostics is a full service medical laboratory offering clinical laboratory, pathology, toxicology, and consulting services.  We are experts in all aspects of laboratory management, laboratory set up, compliance, and quality management.  Our fully licensed and accredited laboratories were recently awarded the, “Laboratory of Excellence Award,” by the laboratory accrediting agency.

We offer a sophisticated and well-established test utilization management system (TUMS): Cedar “Labsmart”.   Labsmart assures that appropriate medical tests are ordered and reduces or eliminates unnecessary lab testing and the associated costs.  Clients using the Labsmart program typically have monthly bills which are significantly lower what they would pay other labs.

We are an industry connectivity leader and a thoughtful adopter of appropriate, sustainable and affordable cutting-edge technology.  Our laboratory management and consultation service is widely used both nationally and internationally.

We provide a close working relationship with experienced board-certified pathologists and licensed laboratory technicians making the diagnoses for your patients. We differentiate ourselves by offering the highest level of customer service at all levels of the company.  We partner with our clients to become an integral part of their practice.  The strategic and trusted laboratory partnership is a crucial element in the success of our clients.  Cedar diagnostics clients know that their inquiries will be taken care of efficiently with one phone call.  Our billing is accurate and you may contact a billing expert specifically dedicated to your account for questions about your bills.

For select clients interested in the highest level of diagnostic accuracy, unparalleled customer service and customization of service, and a commitment to quality and integrity unparalleled in the industry, Cedar Diagnostics should be your primary consideration