Cedar Diagnostics provides autopsy and toxicology services to law enforcement medical facilities and individuals.  Autopsies are performed only by board certified pathologists who have performed numerous forensic, private and medical autopsies and provided extensive testimony.

We perform autopsies to determine cause of death and answers questions concerning medical care and to obtaining tissue for medical research.  Full toxicologic analysis is performed as necessary, and we can provide genetic and molecular testing.

Cedar Diagnostics maintains particular expertise in cases involving uranium mining and asbestos claims.  We perform a large number of these types of cases, and can work with national experts if necessary.  We assist you in preparing your claims for compensation from the government.

Our close working relationship with law enforcement, hospitals, health care providers and families ensures that autopsy findings will be used to improve community medical services as well as the advancement of science.  We emphasize a close and compassionate working relationship with the family and loved ones of the deceased