Cedar diagnostics embraces and supports the holistic approach to wellness. We are a leading provider of medical laboratory services to holistic health providers.  Specialized testing for endocrine disease, infectious disease, and many other disease states is available.  Test panels for optimal athletic performance and many other types of wellness testing have also been established.  You will be treated in a professional, confidential and supportive manner throughout the entire testing process.

Cedar Diagnostics a CLIA certified, full accredited, nationally recognized “Laboratory of Excellence”!  Cedar Diagnostics validates all test it performs for integrative, functional and environmental medicine to rigorous national standards.  Quality and validity of lab results of lab results is essential in decision making and treatment of patients.  There are concerns about accuracy and validity of laboratory testing provided by some labs to integrative, functional and environmental medicine providers, because these labs operate outside the stringent standards set for medical laboratories in the United States.

Cedar Diagnostics is your “Laboratory of Excellence” for integrative, functional and environmental medicine!